Stir Fry… Don’t cry

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Ever since the closure of schools following the lockdown, I have been feeling a strange awkwardness in being a teacher.
The whole hue and cry over the school fees ( to be paid or not) has led to an uncomfortable feeling in the heart and head of a sensitive teacher like me.

Suddenly a teacher’s work and worth is being made to look directly proportionate to the school fee being paid . This part saddens me.
This lockdown made me realise that teachers are still many many miles and mindsets away from ever getting their due.
The closure of schools was immediately looked upon as though teachers had suddenly decided to sit back home and have a “Khushi time holiday”.

However, the online classes initiative by all the schools was undertaken on almost a war footing and the teacher was back in action , though on unfamiliar territory!
People not even for a moment sympathized with the predicament of the teacher.

We were pushed into a situation we were never prepared for.
But a teacher being a teacher rose to the occasion and today I can proudly say that most of the teaching fraternity is handling the online classes with considerable ease and creativity!
Parents who sit in the virtual classes with their children have a great responsibility. The social media is abuzz with parents criticizing teachers at the slightest reason.

This saddens me so much. It’s as if a school fee is enough to buy the right to judge a teacher with your unreasonable yardstick.
The school management is ofcourse ensuring that the parents who are paying a fee should get value for even the last penny.

The pressure on the teacher is enormous.
We teachers are hardly worried about the pandemic , all we worry about day in and day out is our next virtual lesson plan .
The question that torments us most is , “what if my internet doesn’t work?”
” what if my class is not given a thumbs up by my boss?”
What if this and what if that.

The Corona virus has lost all it’s potency for a teacher. She or he is over and above it’s lethal sting.
And so I say teachers are survivors. We know how to weather storms. We know how to rise above the tide. We have super powers and we know how to use them right.
This pandemic will end one day. What will remain for a long time is this rather uncomfortable feeling of being a teacher in a locked down world.


5 thoughts on “Stir Fry… Don’t cry

      1. I cannot comment on school fees as that is not an issue here. However, I often feel undervalued as a teacher. The amazing amount of hours and money that I invest in my classroom goes mainly unnoticed. And teaching Kindergarten from home caused great anxiety. Lol Now there is a great shortfall of money caused by businesses being closed by the pandemic and school budgets will be cut by 5 to 20% in our state. We have already been told that our best case scenario is a pay freeze but to be prepared to have our salaries cut. Many teachers feel, myself included, that once again the shortfall will be carried on the backs of teachers. So yes, I feel that teachers are not appreciated. I am thankful for the families and administration at my school, as I felt very supported by them. Parents continually thanked me for what I did and Admin gave me one day a week to plan for e learning. So I was very fortunate in that regard. We will see what this next school year brings, but I agree that teachers are survivors. .

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