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So do I think the Cold War ever ended? Not really
The new Cold War is on, as we speak. China fronts it.

Do you know that the Spanish glue that killed almost 20pc of the US population and around 80 lakh indians, had a conspiracy theory buzz that it originated in China?
Well it was never proved just like corona will never be.

But China has its plans in place
Deng had coined a phrase “hide and gather ur strength and bide ur time”. And china did that.

When deng and Kissinger ended their anti each other stands, china invited them to their country to take advantage of cheap labour.
India could have done that too, but we were aligned with Soviet Union. So much so, that eventually Russia decided Shastri is not the right PM and he died rather mysteriously and Mrs Gandhi took over to continue the Nehru style of running the country. How I miss Subhash Bose!!

Tell me, how come during emergency, our constitution was changed to Secular and socialist?
U mean we were not secular prior to the emergency? And socialist?
Really? To please the Russians?

And all these years and decades, the evangelists continued their conversions and Nehru didn’t bother?

Well we can discuss for ever.
Now, we finally have a leader who can change the narrative.
India is no longer a pawn in the hands of other countries.

And the new narrative is obviously upsetting so many people jinki dukaane chal rahin thi.
Fake NGOs, fake maoists and communist agenda wale, left leaning….

Thank God he is the PM at this time when a new world order will emerge post covid.
After the First World War America emerged as a super power
After the Second World War, china started its growth
And now post covid, we will see new alignments, new arrangements and by the looks of it, India stands to benefit if we can handle internal
And external politics better than the congress have done.

We need an iron hand and a hard fist. And it’s there.
I see India gaining from this new world order.

Directly it is not possible for Europe or Australia or even india to challenge china. It has to be an indirect war.

We need to build up our resources. We need to ensure India prepares in advance as the best option for big industries looking to relocate from china.

And china knows this. They are meddling around. And look at their aggressive stand post covid.
Hong Kong brought into their ambit through the new law when the handover has clearly stated that for 50 years china will not change the situation in Hong Kong.
Then sinking the Vietnamese ship in South China Sea. Their open aggression against Taiwan,
Face off with malaisya and South Korea, pushing pak and Nepal against india and themselves entering doklam sometime back and now again in Tibet.
Targeting Australia….

All this during covid. A world condition attributed to them.

China doesn’t work on emotion.
Their current leader has granted himself power till he is alive. Just like Putin.

Surprisingly when America invited india to be part of G7, Russia rejected it this time!!!
And china repeatedly vetoes our security council seat.

China sees other countries as weak but thinks of india as a competitor. They will continue to needle us and try and strangle the South China Sea, blocking our vessels travelling to the west coast of usa where 40 pc of our exports to that country go through.

We didn’t handle Nepal Well. And once King Birendra and family were eliminated, and surprisingly, not much is known about who did it, Nepal fell into the pro communist hands. The current leader Oli is a china pawn. Hence we are facing trouble there too. Not much of a worry, but it’s China needling our neighbours. As soon as the king was killed and this communist Govt came, the anti conversion law was abolished. A law that had held Nepal together. The closely held culture will soon vanish. As now it will be impossible to dislodge the china backed team. India lost a chance to control there.

I think check mating china is only possible by attempting to get back POK. China has lots of investment in Pakistan and the CPEC route goes from there. That is what we should target.

But covid has made countries busy. And also shattered their economies. Europe and usa are so badly hit that they are in no position to challenge china openly.

So far, China has made the best out of it. Although their own exports are currently down by 50 pc almost.
But they have very cleverly over the years, focused on gathering rare earth commodities.
All the rare material req for electronics, steel, raw material for anti biotics… all comes from china. They got into the right stuff. And currently they are perhaps marginally behind usa as a super power. So knocking them easily will not be possible. We need to allign well. Japan South Korea Australia usa and india is a combo that will unsettle them.
Japan and South Korea are bordering them.
North Korea is their dummy state. So is Pakistan now. Don’t be surprised if they slowly get into the insurgency that Pakistan creates in india.
We need to be prepared

It’s my observation after hearing reading and following people with experience speak, and learned army men discuss on platforms.

I’m sure a lot is happenning behind the scenes that we don’t know and as citizens we are not supposed to know too. And I say so, only because I believe in the man leading india during these times. And his team headed by Amit Shah and Doval.

I want to see India emerge as a much bigger country post covid.
And I can see it on the horizon. Let’s not miss this chance.

I stand with Bharat
Mera Bharat Mahaan.


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