Frozen govt…. Defrosted public

#jump foods

  1. Where did Covid 19 originate?
    Ans. China.
  2. How did Covid 19 spread all over the world?
    Ans. Through people travelling between countries.
  3. What is the quickest way to travel between countries?
    Ans. By airplanes.
  4. Where do airplanes land?
    Ans. Airports.
  5. So how did the maximum virus infections get into the country?
    Ans. Through airports.
  6. How many international airports does India have?
    Ans. More than 20.
  7. Under whose control are these airports?
    Ans. Under the Central Government.
  8. Now the crucial question. Was it easier to lockdown these 20 or so airports or the whole country?
    Ans. The airports.
  9. When did the news of Covid 19 from China spread initially all over the globe?
    Ans. In January 2020.
  10. Why weren’t the airports closed down in January?
    Ans Because Uncle “Doland” Trump’ was scheduled to visit in February and there was ‘Namaste Trump’ organised.
  11. Was every individual who used the airports tested then?
    Ans. No.
  12. So, who is responsible for the spread of Corona virus in India?
    Ans. Nehru. He had made the airports in India.

Welcome to ‘The Great Indian Circus’ !!!! 🙏


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