Bye to One .. Get another Free…

Looks like most places will witness lockdown till June end. A few countries have announced so, and some will do so shortly. South Korea opened up but cases sprang up again. South America is now peaking as regards cases. India and Russia too. If things open up too soon, the second wave is eminent.
Very tricky situation.
Can’t shut shop for too long
Opening sooner than shud has its own fears.

But the world stands devalued, thanks to China.

Once the lockdown is over, and people report back to offices, where is the demand going to come from?

FMCG essentials, Ott, some sports (minus spectators) will happen.
The rest?
Manufacture and trade?

Stock market?
Every statement from China or USA effects the market

Countries coming hard at China. Imports will go for a toss.
For factories to relocate to India and Vietnam and Taiwan will take can’t happen overnight.

People will hold on to money, whatever is left of it.

Buying a new house…95 PC No
Luxury items….98 PC no
Drinking out…..85 PC no
Eating out….75 PC no
Holiday travel…..85 PC no
Big offices on rent…60 PC no
Cinemas and malls….75 PC no

So what is going to really happen post covid?


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