Don’t call me Sexy … Plz

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Whenever I read about HINDUISM , it never stops to surprise me . Today came across some pics of statue carved on a wall of Kundadam Vadakkunath Swami Temple. Carved statue of a pregnant woman on one wall & on the other walls of the temple, a statue of the position of the unborn child in the womb is carved.
The images of fertilization below are from Varamurtheeswarar temple at Ariyathurai, Tamil Nadu .These temples are about 1000 years old. No microscopes or no Ultra sounds were invented in those times still how they were aware of all this fertility science makes me go speechless .

Sanatan Hinduism is the oldest & scientific religion in the world. Hinduism gave the world the gift of Nuclear science , Laser weapon science , Vimana science , father of surgery & plastic surgery ( Sushruta ) , gave natural medicine science like AYURVEDA ,science of Art of living ( YOGA & MEDITATION ) , gave economics , gave literature & culture to this world .( All proved in our oldest literature and written in RAMAYANA & MAHABHARATA and many more .

Countries who have developed Nuclear Power have definitely gone through Ramayana & Mahabharata to gain knowledge about it . Sanatan religion is so old that is has stood the test of time . In our homes we have a culture of taking out foot wears outside the gate before entering and straight away rushing to the washroom to clean our hands , feet and face , shows so much relevance in today’s corona times . Sanatan has really given us some age old customs and culture which have scientific relevance .

The whole world will never be free from the debt of the Sanatan Rishi’s , our sages who have laid the foundation of scientific world & gave so much to the world.

We all should feel so proud to be HINDU , rather than wasting time reading and adopting western culture we all should read our old literature and epics to gain knowledge about everything and try to teach our children and younger generation about Hinduism . We as Hindu are so tolerant , ignorant and adjusting with other non sensible things that we forget to give importance to our very own jewels of life .
I am sure once you go deeper & deeper digging into this mystery , it will never stop surprising you .

Proud to be……


5 thoughts on “Don’t call me Sexy … Plz

      1. I joined the blogging world for this reason and in many of my blogs I have raised the question. But problem is , soon enough in our country we may become minority. Just wait for the 2021 census, the real picture will come soon, where we Hindus stand today.

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      2. Yaa we can, but the attitude of our people is like “humein kya fark padta hai”. Till the time it does not change, I don’t think any concrete is going to come up. You can see the condition of VHP, it’s just miserable.

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