Planet Earth on Treadmill

#jump foods#new blog# viral# covid-19……..I’m a bit worried with the rail land airlines opening up.
Soon international airlines will also have to open up.
And this means taxis buses Ola and Uber, rickshaw services will have to open up too.
Middle seats will not be blocked.

This is a bit sooner than shud have been according to me. Every body from the minister to tv debate panelist’s use the word CALLIBERATED…. but what’s the calliberation? What’s the plan if this goes wrong?
Train services mean lots of destinations and stations. Will each traveller be screened? And if someone shows fever, will all those in that flight or rail coach be immediately quarantined?
Nobody seems to give those answers.
Whilst life has to go on, the moot point is…is it too soon? Could we have opened up travel around mid June? As of now we are closing in on 5000 daily cases with limited tests!!!! That’s not a flattening of cases.
And we are behind the 8 ball in terms of medical facilities. And on trains, people are outrageous and do not adhere to social distancing.

Citiesopening up? Many cities are in dangerous sector still.
Too many questions and not enough answers.
So far so good. India is better off in comparison to other European and American countries. But I hope and pray that this doesn’t misfire.


3 thoughts on “Planet Earth on Treadmill

  1. I know there are lots of questions. Too many. And all kinds of opinions floating around.
    I enjoyed your blog post today. Sending you lots of love ❤️

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  2. I would wonder how Indian cultural and religious rituals might inhibit your recovery.
    Take the density of people who congregate in close proximity within your temples for example.

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