Why Nude … Dude

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North Carolina and Arkansas reports highest covid cases in its second wave, post opening up the states. Beaches and churches also opened.
1 lakh out of the 3.5 lakh reported deaths are in USA.
Yet they are in a hurry to open up!!
Can’t get it.
Saw visuals of people on beaches. No shirts…no masks…as if there is no issue!!!

Condition is same we cannot pin point a particular country


3 thoughts on “Why Nude … Dude

  1. Great posts. There really are two distinct kinds of folks in this world. It’s the same here. Those who like me are very happy to follow the advice to keep safe, stay home, mask up, socially distance ourselves, all even at a considerable cost etc…while others seem hell bent on flouting and being seen to flout the best advice. The beaches here are now packed! Amazing and tragic

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