Repeat telecast

#jump foods

What a Trap this covid is turning out to be.
Cases increasing
But people used to it and getting restless
The number of people out on the streets has increased considerably.
Most without masks….
What guts.

The vaccine is still months away to say the least.
Cases are closing in at neighbouring buildings….
Wonder if it will be our building next…. hope not.

But somehow, it seems as if we can only delay the inevitable….

Man, this one is a game changer.
Lucky those who have had it and come out clean. They now have anti bodies in them hence they are safe.

We have lost so many. The world has lost so many more.
Everywhere there is Under reporting for sure.
And the number of those being tested is also so less compared to our population.
If we test many more, we will perhaps realise we have lakhs of cases more than reported.

But the panic is over
People have learned to live with the fear.
Home quarantine has helped ease the load on hospitals. Not everyone needs to be admitted .
That’s some relief.

But life as we had begun to get used to, the usual hustle and bustle, the fast pace, parties and nite outs, dinners and gatherings, those big fat weddings, the weekend cinema, ipl cricket at the stadiums, music concerts, bars and restaurants, holiday trips all over india and abroad….gosh allready a thing of the past.

We all seem More grounded now
The mad rush has settled.
The planet needed it
We needed it.
Mindless madness….and we had all gotten used to it.

Now time to introspect. To stand and stare. To chill.

2020 is eventually become all zeros

But inspite of it all, one thing never changes…..
Keep the faith
Stay safe
Stay happy
stay blessed

Watch Breathe 2 on amazon and Andekhi on sony liv.
Yeh sab kabhi theatre me nahi milega😜😜



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