Heart Sale . 50 percent discount

#jump foodsRead completely….

Yesterday I received a friend request from a young attractive guy. ..about 19-20 years old… I was curious.
I wanted to know why someone that young wanted to be my fb friend.
So I accepted it. Then he started sending me private messages..
He called me beautiful. He asked my age. I’m not a liar so I told him and reminded him I’m quite a bit his senior. And I let him talk a bit cuz (truth be told) flattery ain’t all bad. 😉
We kept chatting for a while and within a short time, he asked if we could talk about ‘adult things’. I said ok. Then he replied with a face like 👿. He said ‘thank you babe, you start.”

So I did! I told him adult things like I have arthritis and my knees hurt badly. My back acts up when it is cold outside. I explained that I have crazy insomnia. Didn’t forget to tell him that I have a pacemaker. And of course I told him about the laxatives. Can’t forget that.
Didn’t forget to tell him that I have a good quality denture
I was as honest as I could be about ADULT THINGS but I don’t understand why he blocked me 😳😳🤓🤓😆😆😆😆😆😆



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