Great Wall (Fall) of CHINA

#jump foods

The truth is China is a powerful country, capable of handling a war with India with ease.
India will fight back, but basically is at a defensive position as of now because the Chinese have come close to blocking our developments at Galwan.
This current stand off point enables them to have an overview on India’s road Incase of hostilities.

Now how they reached so close and now inside our territory baffles me. It’s been a bit soft, our approach over the years. Today I hear that they have brought equipment and guns and tents which effectively means NO GOING BACK.

And on top, these new developments in Nepal, the CPEC corridor in POK….China is ensuring that India is looked upon as an unsafe place to invest.
And factories intending to move out of China and use India as a new location will be wary.

So a thought out strategy is in place. Else during covid this skirmish wouldn’t have taken this shape. They do have designs to give the world an impression that India, Vietnam, Malasiya, South Korea, Taiwan are high risk places to invest.

So a double edged sword hangs above us. We need to think and plan hard before we move. But, there is no going back now.

Economically we must destroy china.
No new investments.
New alliances
Relocate international factories here. But be proactive. Start now. Create those zones asap where big industries can just relocate and plug and play, literally.

Recognise Taiwan, Tibet and Hong Kong as countries.

Attack POk as their routes that lead to Pakistan, and billions of investment there, goes through there.

Support a military take over of Balouchistan, in the way we helped Bangladesh.

Covid can’t be an excuse. Departments are handling that. Let’s focus on this as these designs make india weak.

We need to act in a very decisive way.
I’m sure the current dispensation is doing the required planning.

Looking forward to a greater BHARAT, always.
I stand by BHARAT and it’s super ARMY.


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