Who moved cheese(chinese)

#jump foods
When more than 1000 soldiers clash, whether with clubs sticks or baseball bats, 20 or 30 or 50 is a low figure. In the narrow gorge that defines the terrain at the point of contact, chances of soldiers rolling down into the river and getting washed away are reasonably high. Expect more casualties on both sides and that is one part of the story.

Looking beyond, the perpetual bully called China (whose 60pc territory today actually never belonged to him) is talking about ‘No War’ within a few hours of getting a bloodied nose and that is something unprecedented. Those who follow Chinese closely, would get the point being made.
Indo-China war will not happen! China is in no position to wage a war with the whole world, except two rogue nations, staring Chinese in their slanting eyes!
Now the question is if war was not the motive, why did it happen after the issue had been discussed and decision had been taken a few hours back to pull back!
For China, it was a gamble that had to be taken. After the bashing that the top leadership received post withdrawal and climbdown in Doklam, another similar withdrawal would have put the Chinese President on a barbeque. At the same time, with the CPEC compulsion forcing China to do something esp after 370 abrogation, they took a gamble. They were playing on usual Indian response of exercising restraint.

But there is no one as unpredictable as a man and when two battalions are facing eachother, anything could happen and somewhere, the control over the ploy was lost by the Chinese. Their one-child policy has led to a generation of AC-reared pampered kids who form their forces today. Those softies were never expected to match up with Indian soldiers one to one to start with and it got proved in less than two hours. Six hours later, Chinese were calling Indians for talks! Had Indians taken it lying down, China would have declared itself a Victor after the stand off.
Loss of life is sad but soldiers take it with a sense of pride. My only regret is the compulsion on them to fight in a way that identifies with the stone age.
No one knows for sure what kind of Indian response will follow since as per the reports till now, Chinese had started it in the first place. India giving it back hereafter may or may not happen.
But I have a feeling that this moment will define our future relationship with China. China has lost the plot and the dominating position that he has always been very proud of. Chinese talking peace, so soon after a skirmish, is unusual and it tells us a thing or two.
Govt will do what is supposed to be done; soldiers will fight when ordered but the first thing that all of us can do is to boycott the Chinese crap from today itself. We don’t have to throw everything out but we must stop buying Chinese goods! Rest will be taken care of.
Wars are won when a nation fights as one. Let’s play our role!


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