May I come In please….. sayonara…

#jump foods

from# jump foods which every one should read.

All of us whether in Cities or Towns, have to be aware of the situation when the lockdown is lifted partially/ fully.

We need to be responsible citizens in following traffic rules and be proactive in protecting ourselves and our belongings.

As many out there, did not have much earnings all these days so there might be a sudden spurt in incidents due to job loss / effect on business.

  1. People have to be very careful this includes people at home, children, school and college going boys/girls, working women/men.
  2. Do not wear costly watches.
  3. Do not wear costly chains, bangles, ear rings be careful with your hand bags.
  4. Men refrain wearing high end watches, costly bracelets and chains.
  5. Do not use much of your mobile phones in the public. Try to minimise mobile use in public.
  6. Do not entertain giving lift ride to any strangers.
  7. Do not carry more than necessary money.
  8. Keep your credit and debit cards safe while you are on the move.
  9. Keep calling home every now and then to check upon your elders, wife and children’s welfare.
  10. Instruct elders and people at home while attending a door bell keep a safe distance from the main door, if possible keep the grill gates locked not to go close to the grill to receive any parcels or letters.
  11. Instruct children to return home early as much as possible.
  12. Don’t take any secluded or short cuts roads to reach home, try and use maximum Main roads.
  13. Youngsters when you are out keep an eye on your surroundings.
  14. Always have an emergency number at hand.
  15. Keep a safe distance from people.
  16. Public mostly will be wearing mask. Identification will be difficuilt.
  17. Those who use cab services please share your trip details with you parents, siblings, relatives, friends or guardians.
  18. Try and use Govt public transport system.
  19. Avoid crowded buses.
  20. While going for your daily walk try and go around 6.00 AM, in the evening maximum finish by 8.00 PM use Main roads. Avoid empty streets.
  21. Do not spend much time in malls, beach and parks.
  22. If Children have to attend tuition classes let elders drop and pick up.
  23. Do not leave any valuables in your vehicles.

This has to be followed at least for 3 months or till overall situation improves.

Share to all you CARE…

Request all authorities to issue a notification in the best interest of people of our Country.


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