Alas ! In BlunderLand

#jump foods…

What a strange world this has become.
And the biggest factor helping us retain our sanity is…..the internet.

News papers in an e format
Netflix amazon etc via the net

Fb votsapp TikTok and whatever on the net

Zoom parties, 4 and 8 chats with friends on votsapp again with the internet.

Video calls and whatever…..

Ordering food from the net

Had there not been internet, what would we have done during lockdowns?

And social distancing is now the new norm even when things are opened up gradually.
Without the vaccine, this covid is not going to vanish. So it has to be a way of life now.
No crowds
No hugs and hand shakes
No live sports with audiences
No crowded bars
No jam packed public transport
Flights can wait
Bars can wait
Theatres can wait
Marriages have to be personal affairs
Hygiene has become paramount

The city must be kept clean
This is a time for the bmc to also start a drive to decongest areas like Dharavi and the rest

Jails and muncipal hospitals need total overhauling
Gutters, waste management needs major scrutiny. And overhauling.

Our approach to living needs a complete change.

Minimum of waste
No needless spends
No needless parties
No needless meetings
Lots of work can happen on FaceTime and online meetings
Hence no need of huge offices

Some businesses will go bust
This is bound to happen

Tourism will take a back seat.
F n B at restaurants will take a hit.
Cinemas are a no no
Films will go straight online if the platform can pay fancy prices

Shootings are scary. A 100 crew size is a risk.
Travel for outdoors is a risk

Everything points to staying at home atleast 80 pc of the time even post lockdown.

Else take the risk and we could have a second and a more lethal wave of the pandemic.

It’s true when people say the lockdown is just a pause button.
It reduces rapid spread agreed but the virus doesn’t go away.
We can minimise the spread for sure.
And until a vaccine is found that’s the only option.

Now let’s start thinking what kinds of work we can do, what businesses we can start from home. And online.

The planet has enjoyed this break the most
The sky the sun the stars the moon
The roads the birds the animals the sea…The air
They all deserved this break more than us.

Humans cause the chaos.
It’s time to introspect
Climate change needs to be discussed at such times, else next we could have other life threatening issues related to climate change

Water preservation is paramount. It’s soon going to be a scarce commodity.

What a world we will leave behind for future generations?
It’s in our hands. Still in our hands.

India needs to do a lot.
Infrastructure, medical upgrading, stations and bus depots, so much to re do, or change rapidly and modernise.
Else they will all become breeding grounds for illnesses.

A salute to the frontline workers. Doctors nurses, related staff, police, and the rest who have worked almost 18/20 hours each day, away from home, to keep us safe.

MUMBAI now needs a CEO to manage it. Not politicians. We need qualified experts taking decisions and that too with no red tape, no delay, no excuses.
We must give one city a try. I’m not saying do away with politicians, but let decisions be taken by a team of management gurus.

Like banning construction for 5 years. We have so much of unsold inventory already.
Town planning needs to be brought back. Designated areas for shops and separate for residences. Proper walkways, cycle tracks, lots of parks and places to just chill and soak in fresh air…. we need space for our physical and mental betterment.

Let’s reduce military expense by 50 pc and spend those thousands and thousands of crores to change muncipal hospitals standards to make them at par with private hospitals. Same with muncipal schools and markets.
It’s about time.

Ab nahin to kab

Life is beautiful
We don’t want to be in a position where we will have to say….
Life was beautiful once!!!!


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