Zoo Run Sick park

#jump foods

This time the gigantic animal is invisible but still there.

We seriously need to hand over our govts hospitals to bigger players to manage.
Yes there shud be complete reservation and same rates for poor.
But by allowing private players to develop the hospitals and increase capacity to cover their costs, atleast the overall standard will improve. It’s been 70 plus years
If we look at those hospitals we will fall sick!! Leaking and broken toilets, no hygiene whatsoever.
We are a country of 130 Cr etc etc all fine, but now on no excuses

Let’s revamp the entire health condition. Where is our Heath minister. Can he speak why bodies lie next to living covid patients. Are we equipped trained and ready at muncipal hospitals to handle this situation?

Where is our housing minister. Clusters like Dharavi Nehru Nagar etc must go!!! Ok these are decades old but u r in power now. Do something. Mumbai will burst in this pandemic and it’s because of this unplanned city.
No sense complaining. Do something and do it before we have another pandemic or be ready to be wiped out.

Time for action
Serious action


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