Gift of Maggie

#jump foods Dear All

Want to share with you what our club members are doing now

There are certain colonies which have lower middle class income groups who have refused free ration because they feel ashamed

So what we did was distributed pamphlets
Special Offer
Vegetables 3 types
@Rs 15 per kg
With Masala Free

Atta rice combined
@ rs 15 Per 2 kg

No free distribution
And no photos will be taken

Time was 7am to 9am
For 3 days
In one colony
And the shifted to another colony

Believe it or not ladies came with tears in eyes but with their self respect intact

What the members did was gave them the packets along with a gift of bananas and in that packet retuned their amount without the knowledge of the ladies.

No photos were taken no banner was put. All done in a very dignified way while keeping social distancing.

What we learned was serving the needy while keeping their honor intact is also very important .

Thought that I would share it with all of you.


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