Life has become Teabag.. dip dip dip

Tea bags like life dip dip dip

One person every 44 seconds died in USA due to Corona in April 2020.
As claimed by CNN last night.
And death for no fault of theirs!!!

And yet they are in a hurry to open up the country. Thats very dangerous. And over and above the fact that deaths are continuing to happen, states are in a hurry to open up.
I salute India’s resolve and that means the people’s resolve. It’s not easy staying indoors for so long. No one is used to it. This happens perhaps once in a 100 years.
Life above commerce!!!!

Well done Modiji and well supported by Indians!!!

Guys, hang in for another two weeks atleast. If certain red hot zones continue to exist, they may need more time to recover. Hoga to hoga. Show the same strength. Let’s not make it like some of our cricket tournaments where we made it to the finals….but lost there!!!
We must we will win this one!!!

Life is beautiful


3 thoughts on “Life has become Teabag.. dip dip dip

  1. The problem is that people need to go to work. I’ve seen this “stay home” period as a time to understand the disease and learn to take the necessary precautions to stay healthy. If everybody applies simple rules like wearing a mask in public and washing their hands thoroughly, everything should be fine. Alas, not many will comply. 😦

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