Christmas holidays in MAY….

#jump foods
One of the great challenges of this pandemic has been determining how to provide remote learning opportunities and stay true to our Montessori values. A group of us from the Montessori Collaborative Teacher Support Task Group have been exploring this topic and the result is the following pedagogical guidelines. The first page provides general Montessori pedagogical guidelines that apply to all levels followed by additional considerations for each level, Infant-Toddler through Secondary.

Our hope is that teachers and school leaders will discuss these guidelines and reflect on what they have or have not been doing to support children and families during this time. It may also be useful as your craft information to parents. We are attaching as a word doc so you can feel free to add to it or adapt it for your school’s needs.

We honor each of you for your great efforts and commitment to serving children and families. We are all doing the best we can to figure this out and get through it… and we will get through it together in the spirit of love and service.


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