Good Morning .. A new definition

Nice piece fwded to me

Its time to open eyes

Lockdown log

  1. National boundaries don’t matter. We are in this together. You die I die. So racism, economic superiority 1st 2nd 3rd world category, doesn’t matter. Politico socio economic ideologies don’t matter. We are all moving towards the same abyss.
  2. Big pharma doesn’t matter. Medical industry loses its bite. The vicious cycle of maintaining the world in a chronic state of sickness has been broken. Doctors have become noble again. Holier than the holy. The way it was always meant to be.
  3. Religion doesn’t matter. If God can’t save you from dying what good is He? And if you can’t congregate what use is religion? You can pray but that’s spirituality, personal faith not religion. Religion has lost its fizz.
  4. Money doesn’t matter. You might have a fleet of servants but they are sitting pretty in their homes. You are sweeping and mopping and cooking and paying them for the work you do.
  5. The Queen of England is more vulnerable than the hermit in a cave. Because if you got no social distance you got no chill. So social status doesn’t matter. Hermit, Queen same difference.
  6. No socialisation so no need for expensive wardrobe. No need to wax and do your eyebrows and fit into that thing. No one is looking at you. Actually, no need to iron either. Fashion loses its fizz.
  7. No need for that Mercedes or private jet or even Air Force One because you got nowhere to go. Even if you take your fancy car out against all odds there’s no one on the roads to envy you. Lamborghini in the garage- just another piece of junk.
  8. Economies based on inequalities, greed and profiteering from all above mentioned commodities dying a painful death. Exposed, called out, refurbished and reengineered, old economic world order changeth, yielding place to new.
  9. Because now you just need enough money for basic food and a roof that keeps the sun and the wind and rain out. Some place easy to clean, small is good. Less is more.
  10. All that working with your hands is keeping you fit and fear of dying is keeping you healthy. No need to follow celebrity fitness gurus. And now the noble doctor can focus on what is important-saving the world.
  11. The only services you need is police to keep the peace, health workers to keep you alive, sanitation workers to keep you clean and a reasonable government that won’t go nuts on you. And social media to tell you how many are still out there. How many died, how many lived and to reassure you that you are not alone. And maybe for a few words of wisdom.

This is not a virus. This is renunciation of materialism greed inequality exploitation and pollution. This is a new world religion – Spiritualism.
An upgrade to every world religion so far because it is the first ‘prophet-less’ religion. Hallelujah! A millennial revolution like the driverless car!

I imagine this is what Hindu dharma was like in ancient times. A time when Religion did not have its name and Human was not aware of religion. It still isn’t, though. Like eternity it’s teachings have endured the ravages of time, waiting for humanity’s awareness quotient to rise so it’s philosophies can manifest again. A philosophy that includes all philosophies and all faiths.

“Vasudeva Kuttambam”
The world is one family.
Back to the beginning!!


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