Travelling foods#jump foods

A Saga of Indian foods which took like chain reaction from one left over we decided to convert into another recipe during lockdown.

Names of foods are Indian but if you make a search u will learn lot of indian foods .

On the first day of Lockdown we had Idli Sambhar.
Some Sambhar remained, so the next day we had Medu Vada Sambhar.
The Vada batter became extra, so next night we had Dahi vada.
With the extra Dahi, we had Dahi puri next day.
The extra puris made a fine meal plan of sev batata puri.
The remainder of boiled potatoes gave us Alu Partha with Dahi.
To use up the remaining Dahi, it was Dahi Boondi Raita the next day.
The extra Boondi gave us sev-boondi- kurmura.
The remainder of the sev made it possible to eat tomato-sev sabji the next meal. The tomato puree that was left over catered for Pulav n soup.
The remains of Pulav added to biryani following.The gravy from biryani was added to mixed vegetables and chappati.Daal was then made to finish the extra chappatis.
The remainder of the Dal was converted to Sambhar…
…… To continue……. Start reading from line one again……

✍🏻. Yours faithfully, An aggrieved lockdown husband !


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