Ode to new virus Covid-19 Donot dare to miss it.

Friends u know I write and share very small blogs . Which really touch my heart so on present scenario I would share one true childhood incident. As being in India we are facing lockdown of 21 days for quarantine . The problem is we are not understanding its concept . That we have to save our small family nest and every single step is helping hand is support to govt. And mankind and it counts so cutting short i remember my childhood incident and the names of the persons and places are all real. I was always a bird lover my uncle whose name was Pran now he is no more was having a poultry farm . An extension of farm he had made at home a big cage of capacity of 100 chicks I went to his house for a casual visit but was attracted towards chicks . He offered me 5 in a shoe box and i brought them home Winter days it was when i made a big box with bulb lit in it and brought saw dust sand and feed and water for those preety little birds . They had their own beauty cannt explain so as christmas holidays were going on so i spent 24×7 with these birds. 3 days passed i saw one bird out of it was slow not eating and drinking water i called my uncle he suggested me to isolate the bird and take care .

I was worried but to my surprise bird died I kept on weeping and almost out of control . I never seen death of someone in my own hands you know child mind . I put the rest of the birds in box and went to return to my uncle and as i reahed i said to my uncle that i could not save the birds one of them went sick and died and was in tears . To this my loving uncle replied son in the cage of rest bird two cats broke open and the cats have killed birds only these 4 are saved so son u really saved them not killed them only these 4 are survivors. I did not know how to react …….

Now the scene is that our small efforts can really save us and others so getting emotional again i wont be able to type more … To be continued


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