Just now saw this advertisement on Facebook.. made my BP shoot

My father is a widower and is 70 years old living all alone in sector 10 A . Cook has stopped coming and he is facing problems as he cannot cook . Can anyone help as somehow I want home cooked food to reach him. TIA

Foolish man is living near by cant he take his father for few days during lock down period …. I am so angry .. with this kind of approach if you guys have any comments or you think my aggression is wrong plz do comment . Only sending likes is not sufficient what should i do to help the man .. plz comment


4 thoughts on “Just now saw this advertisement on Facebook.. made my BP shoot

  1. This is good and humorous. Thank you for following our Blogsite. We are honored that you would read our stuff. Feel free leave any comment as feedback is key to progress and success. Again, Thank you for your support.

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  2. This is what happens throughout the world. I have written a work on this topic. Old age home and the corona season. But towards the end I made it positive that this lockdown season helps children to understand the difficulties of their parents in old age home being alone. But that actually never occur. I understood while reading this post.

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