Suggestions on social media

As the entire world is the victim of deadly Covid 19 Pandemic. So, hereby I want to add few things that all we can do apart from the guidelines issued by Govts, by our Doctors. Now time has come to be a responsible citizen to save our nation.

  1. Chant Gyatri Mantra every morning and evening as well at your home, this will clean our environments means ‘Sudhikaran” that is mentioned in our Vedas , Purans.
  2. We have the culture for Hawan while Grah Parvesh, the reason behind to kill the insects, viruses and negative powers before entering .
  3. Now most of the people at home, hence please recite prayers, especially mothers, while cooking food for their family, with the positivity, that food so cooked will increase the immunity of their family. This will make that food Parshadam. In Escon Temples food cooked like this way.
  4. Make a routine for five minutes to clap your hands along with your family . This will increase your blood circulation and help to remove all the viruses present in the body.
  5. Always be positive. Positive thoughts plays a great role in our life.

As there is no scientific reason for all the above things, hence this message could be considered foolish by few . But , after all there is a POWER beyond of our brains. So , Believe in that power in this Crucial time.

This is original message , so you are first paying attention to this. I request you to forward and share this message to more and more persons , might be this non scientific things could work and few lives could be saved


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