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Start writing…. My dear readers . I have posted three blogs and almost recieved a very warm response . First and foremost thing i have learnt in this couple of days is that one should always open the knots of life patiently u all know why and another thing is once u have choosen untravelled road then sky is not limit for u . Being tech savvy is a boon but to an extent . So the idea of writing travelling food is symbolic term where i will express with my friends that travel is for a place and life both and food is fuel of life and travel too. So i a ting of my words touches ur heart i assure u will take screen shots of my content. Because a school or a teacher or newsletter does not make u jot down . What prompts is a tide in your soul which comes in words and it travels through various mediums and is cattered in different zones . Friends never make your dreams grow heavy and you put them aside and by mistake u step on them and get a chance to skid on it. Let your dreams travel . Make your passion a profession which can earn daily bread and butter for you. So I will depart as Water tank is giving signal of overflow and one should conserve water.


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