Hu(A)ngry Birds

Dear friends

Yesterday There were some hate conversation going on in this group against Kerala. Being a Keralite I felt so sorry for tht…

The pregnant elephant’s death which happened in Kerala on 27th of May was really painful… but the fact is that it was not an intentional murder…. it was a trap for wild boars who destroy the crops.. ( now not justifying this ) unfortunately the elephant had consumed that.. and it’s happened in the district of Palghat but another district Malappuram was blamed for that because it’s a particular community dominated district..

Though it happened due to one or two people, I could see a hate speech and discussion going on against the entire state..

Someone commented that Malayalis though literate, doing labour job in UAE. But they don’t know that most of the firms in UAE are owned by Malayalees. And what’s wrong if people are doing labor job? They are doing something legally and not begging. U can’t see a single malayali beggars, you can’t see a malayali labourers in other states in India.. But Kerala is a home for many migrant workers from other states ( don’t want to take any state name) and we call them guest labourers. Please respect individuals and have divinity of labor, no work is bad if it is legal.

Someone mentioned Kerala as a place of love jihad but the fact is in most of such cases culprits are from other states.

I lived in many states of India and so I can say in Kerala the harmony between different religions are by far better and I never saw the same anywhere else in India. I personally involved in some charity work and have lot of the donors from the community ( highlighted) brothers and sisters.

We have political conflicts but at the time of crisis we are one, which is proved during the time of flood.

1: highest female male ratio
2: Highest literary rate
3: All festivals of different religions celebrated
4: Second least corrupted city of India
5: First state to have implemented edu reform bills
6: 100% primary education
7: Least infant morality rate…
8 Clean state

  1. Politically aware people
  2. Awareness of health
    And much more… Our state which consider daughters as goddesses and not as a burden…

I saw people cursing that floods would come, I pity for these people, how human are they when they curse such ways. We the people of Kerala stand with the state and against any false propaganda insulting any community / Our State / divinity of labour

For all those who comment without even knowing is a state please don’t till you know the complete facts .


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