Jump foods

#jump foods

The bee

Once a bee was happily sitting on a lotus flower, drinking its nectar. As the sun began setting, the petals of the flower began shutting slowly. But the bee was gripped in greed and refused to fly off. It thought, “There is still time for the flower to close. Let me suck some more nectar while I can.”

In the meantime, it became dark and the lotus flower closed, trapping the bee. Even then, the bee thought, “Never mind! Let me remain inside my beloved flower for tonight. Tomorrow morning, when its petals open again, I will fly away.” A bee has the power to cut through wood but the never-ending desire for more dimmed its senses and capability. Just then, an elephant came, broke the lotus from the stem, and swallowed it. The bee along with the lotus went inside the stomach of the elephant. The bee was still rationalizing, “My beloved lotus is going somewhere, there is no harm in going with it.” It died shortly thereafter.

Time and again, we humans too remain engrossed in the gratification of our senses oblivion of the fact that the more we indulge, the more we crave!


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