Some times A picture is not equal to one thousand tears

#jump foods

While I feel the pain of the migrants, it’s also imp to note that they decided to leave their places of work, just around the time the lockdown was easing in parts.
And this sudden exodus by all, incl on foot has to have been triggered. There are so so many organisations and NGOs offering food, that being hungry can only be due to lack of knowledge on where to go for food.
I agree it’s all easier said than done, but they too carry mobiles and have knowledge. Don’t know why would they want to return home?

Finally post the corona curve being reduced, trains started. Some managed to go home, but some states refused to allow them
Back. Bengal and jharkhand are examples.
Earlier too, the govt org the trains with 85 pc of the fare borne by them and asked states to pay 15 pc. Instead of this fact, congress twisted it and announced that Modi wants migrants to pay thousands to travel and congress will pay the bill.
Well it’s a lie, but please pay na!!!
All talk only, as always.

And lastly, everyone is posting about migrants while I can say with surety that not even 1/2 pc of those people who post such sad posts on migrants, have ever bothered about them when they were working under such hard conditions in our city. We would hate them touching our cars too!!! Never offered them water earlier. Never food, never money.
Suddenly we say “so sad”
It all looks nice on social media.

I’m sorry, but for more than 99 pc, it’s just a post
And that’s the reality of India.
We are a country where most of us think only about ourselves. And it’s now engrained in our minds. Automatically, we think about ourselves and never about the other person.
This just creates more sorrow in a situation that already overflows with pain.


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