Necessity was cousin of inventions

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The misfortune of a British soldier left behind in China can give us valuable insight into how to better learn Spanish.

An Englishman who had been a soldier in the Second World War was left behind in the middle of Guangdong Province in China.

When discovered in the 1980s, he spoke fluent Cantonese. But his English was terrible with a limited vocabulary.

With no one around speaking English, he had to learn the new local language to survive.

He started off paying attention to what locals said when meeting each other or before leaving. Before long, he could say hello and goodbye.

Before long, he could say his name and so on.

Now, to improve your Spanish, you don’t need to abandon your life and get lost in a place where people only speak Spanish.

You can start small – ordering “un café solo, por favor” instead of ordering coffee in English.

Then, bit by bit, replacing your English words & sentences used in everyday life with their Spanish equivalents.

Learning a language is about small victories, where every single day you use more and more Spanish sentences and get understood.

It is about learning useful phrases… phrases you know you’re going to be able to use frequently.

It all comes down to priorities – learning words and phrases that will immediately help you communicate better.

And NOT wasting your time learning things that won’t help your Spanish improve.

This free cheatsheet contains 33 Spanish verbs that have been carefully selected to help you speak better Spanish in your daily life right away. They’re your “need to know” verbs.
They come with both example sentences and audio, to help you learn and commit them to memory!


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