People on Mars saying Same pinch

#jump foods

Everything which is happening is new but must have happened in remote past or some other planet . But if we take care of minute things. Then we shall conquer.
All Officers and Staff to strictly adhere to these

  1. avoid wearing loose clothes – sarees, stoles etc to office for few days.
  2. Anything which sweeps the floor should be avoided .
  3. Wear long sleeved thick clothes.
  4. U can wear home-stitched long coveralls while commuting.
  5. Ditch the purse or carry a very small one n disinfect it on return.
  6. Carry ur things in cotton bags and wash them daily.
  7. No watches or rings or any jewellery.
  8. Keep the nails short.
  9. Opening and cleaning the room on ur own as far as possible.
  10. Wear closed bellies/ shoes rather than open toe sandals.
  11. Ditch the office crockery till things become normal.
  12. It would be safest to eat straight from your lunch box packed in small containers carried from home. Use your own spoons. Dont wash the vessels in office.
  13. Carry your own water bottle & avoid using the Office glasses/ cups.
  14. Keep two cloth bags for carrying your lunch to be used on alternate days as they should also be washed on return.
  15. Carry Disinfectant wipes and toilet seat disinfectant spray.
  16. Have a heavy breakfast at home before leaving for office.
  17. Have some fruits or savouries for lunch.
  18. Take a cup for tea, teabags sugar milk sachets and a flask for hot water from home.
  19. Disinfect door handles, electric switches, table, chair, office phone, desktop, mouse and keyboard before use. Keep plants outside.
  20. Take stairs and climb in the middle, away from wall or railing.
  21. Keep using sanitiser frequently.
No matter which color u are follow rules

( _in the interest of Officers and staff )



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