Queen Elizabeth conquered Alexander’s greatness

*”Queen Elizabeth has survived

The plague
Korean War
Vietnam War
Making of Land Rover and Range Rover
The Concord
The retirement of the Concord
Nazi rule in Germany
Destruction of Berlin

Partition of Berlin
Unifications of Berlin
Creation of Israel
Sending poor Palestinians into diaspora
Tripartite invasion of Egypt in 1956
1967 Arab- Israeli War
October 1973 War
West-East Cold War
Iran-Iraq War
First Gulf War
Fall of Saddam Hussein
Fall and disintegration of Soviet Union
Britain joining the EU
Britain leaving the EU
Apollo 1-17
Independence of countries in Asia and Africa
14 British Prime Ministers
Charles and Diana
Charles and Camilla
Andrew and Fergie
Harry and Megan
14 American Presidents
7 Saudi Kings
48 Italian Prime Ministers
9 UN Secretary-Generals
3rd, 4th, and 5th French Republics
Mad Cow Disease
The Internet
Apple TV

Only because she rarely leaves her palace
SO Keep Safe and Stay at Home


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