No Entry No Travelling Foods

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8:00 am – Departure from the Bathroom.

8:30 am – Arrival at the Kitchen & join a special Project of “Aqua Thermal treatment of Ceramics, Aluminium and Steel”.

9:00 am Get hands on experience in preparation of sumptuous breakfast.

9:30 am – After breakfast we will visit the bedrooms to explore exquisite bedsheets and take part in workshop of making the bed.

10:00 am– Then we will have another workshop where proper guidance and training will be imparted in how to wash the clothes.

11:00 am – Added attraction – Sweeping and Mopping will also be allowed AT NO EXTRA COST.

1:00 pm– Serve your specially cooked Lunch in the Dining Room and join others to enjoy the lunch.

2:00 pm – Siesta on the sofa.

5:00 pm– In the evening, a visit to the Living Room, where hot tea and biscuits will be served.

5:30 pm Special adventure programme in cleaning the dishes.

6:00 pm – Afterwards, free leisure time to walk the corridors and explore the balcony and check all doors n windows.

6:30 pm – Gather in the balcony to view the Sunset and afterwards prepare a great dinner for the purpose of taking selfies of the food to post on instagram.

9:00 pm – Come back in the late evening for a hearty buffet dinner and participate in cleaning the dishes.

10:00 pm – Retire to your Bedroom with fond memories and an assurance of a repeat tour the next day.

Happy Home Travels

Total lockdown stay at home at any cost no entry

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