Where should I throw My Teddy Bears#jump foods

With winter season coming to end and summer starting while packing my winter clothes I cleaned my old big metal almirah removed its articles and some bags which i had kept and forgotten . There is a big bag carrying 5 to 6 beautiful Teddy Bears

My real Teddy Bears

So just know i went again to pick to click them. So i was smiling to see these stuffed animal which years back i got with happy meals and birthday gifts . Generally girls are very crazy about Teddy bears not boys . So I was never attached to them and by the way they were so cute that i was not detached to them either . Time went dont know when they were packed in the closet .

Life is all about our sweet memories . Dreams take us to future and memories take us to past.

Some are sweet memories some memories are sugar free they are not sweet but we all have some where dumped within us we donot part we donot express . We just keep in our closets. In my younger days i came across many such cute people whom i cherish and also have framed them in memories some are at times meeting accidently . But meeting after so many days brings a kind of hitch and distance .

My bag of Teddy bear is symbolic of my once upon a time sweet memories who have lost it flavour have become dusty. But i cannot part with them . I am not able to come out of my little things which i am fond of no matter they are outdated or what. Readers will think that topic is silly but i bet anyone of you can claim that they have not exprience such a situation in life . Memories may it be how trivial is an strange bond of association of our existence . So still i am not going to throw these teddy bears rather give them to someone who desires to keep them preciously and carefully. Love u friends … Cheers to all


20 thoughts on “Where should I throw My Teddy Bears#jump foods

  1. I have a teddy bear whose name is Sam and I will not part with him no matter how old I get. I loved your blog post. Thank you and much love.

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  2. My sons had a huge collection of teddies on display until they hit their teens and started giving them to the smaller children in our huge families. It’s great visiting the now grown-up ‘smaller’ children who’ve handed the teddies down to their children. There was every teddy from ‘Postman Pat’ to ‘Super Mario’ πŸ™‚ Caz

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      1. I really felt very touched not by the blog or teddy bears but the cutest response from readers may unknowingly I have hit a chord … Anyhow memories are always precious god bless u.

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