Positive Attitude murders Depression and panic attacks ..

Challenge accepted in these gloomy times 🙂
If nothing else, it would just cheer you and your friends up! 😍

With all the negativity going around the world, lets do something positive!! Let’s build each other up! 😊

My dear friend challenged me to upload a solo pic wearing a saree. So posting this pic here! 👍

If I didn’t tag you, please don’t be offended, I tried to pick people who I thought would play along! 🤗

Upload 1 “Saree clad “picture of yourself… ONLY you. Then tag some more gorgeous women to do the same.

Build yourself up instead of tearing yourself down! I know these are difficult times, but with a little prudence and patience we will tide over it❤️


If I tagged you, don’t disappoint me, please do it!!!!!🥰😘


I personally want to say that keeping urself indulge travelling and being a foodie is not presently acceptable during lockdown . This is how India is spending quality time and not creating a social panic and mass hysteria rather . Indians motto is that if you find someone without smile give it yours .


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