Mobile phone served in main course

Friends i just wanna express that we have been condemning technology . Not accessing children to phones . We imposed ourselves to keep away frm gadgets so to be more near to nature . Presently phone has proved blessing in disguise in this virus attack where everything looks like mobile is our main course catering us everything on our platter . So guys be tech savvy . Learn and spread knowlege . Fight virus of all kinds and all minds . Or virus is going to wire us with its tight knot and spoil the whole fabric of every nation. So guys … To be contd. In next blog not feeling well so cannot type too much


One thought on “Mobile phone served in main course

  1. yes you’re right, mobiles have suddenly become a necessary lifeline … but they dumb us down if we don’t monitor our use 🙂
    Nice to meet you and welcome to WP! yes very informative

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